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When the Lord told me there is no more time I did not know how late the hour was and is.

This “Spiritual Fight and Weapons” section of this site is to help make Christians aware of the spiritual battle that is going on that most Christians do not even know about.

The answer to overcoming the enemies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is mostly in doing spiritual warfare with praying and fasting for God’s miraculous intervention in our lives and in the United States of America, North America and the whole world.

The only way to stop the elite in the world with super power to control people is to invoke the power of God that can control them.  These secret society elite have amassed overwhelming power to manipulate and control all people through amassing wealth and all manner of earthly weapons that most people are not even aware they have.

The resources in this section will help you get up to speed on the real demonic power and forces we are dealing with.

The answer to overcoming their power, as the Word of God says, is with the Blood of the Lamb, the saving power of God and spreading that news, and the word of out testimony, loving out lives even unto the death. The hour is getting that late, yes, and God’s people must prepare in the United States, North America. The hour has been that late for Christians in other parts of the world for years, now the hour is that late here.

To turn it around and save our country if possible we must repent and turn back to God and the True Lord Jesus Christ with out whole heart.

David Ells:

David ells is a great spiritual pastor and teacher with signs and wonder following. He is a forerunner for those who must live through tribulations through the miraculous power of God. I would check out His Hidden Manner for the End Times series, the second link down to start.


Hidden Manner for the End Times series


Steve Quayle:

A man that has been warning the Church and the people of North America for years of what is happening and has been right, great ministry to the Body of Christ and the people of North America. His Q Files videos are on YouTube and are a good way to hear his messages.  I would start with one of Steve’s best interviews where he is interviewing another great man of God Henry Gruver. Click the link below for the interview.

Vision of Heaven – Judgment of America Interview


Henry Gruver.

Great man of God that Lord have given visions and  taken to heaven and the Lord has shown him judgment on North America.



Bill Schnoebelen:

Bill is a former member of the occult and secret societies and reveals the plans and purposes of Satan’s kingdom, great believer.  To start you can check out his video below on the Sons of God and Antichrist Youtube series.



Tom Horn:

Great man of God, pastor, researcher, and writer that is revealing the plans of Satan and the insiders of the secret societies to take over the world as in the days of Noah and Jesus predicted.



Mike Heiser:

Great teacher and bible scholar. Reveals the secrets of God’s word with scolarly understanding.

Mike Heiser Genesis 6 hybrids, Sons of God, Nephilim 1 of 9


David Flynn:

David is a great Christian researcher and writer and reveals secrets of God Word and the Plans of the Enemy. Check out this below interview to see how God has mapped out future events.

Temple at the Center of Time


Alex Jones

Alex is a great Christian man revealing the plans and ways of the secret societies to the people of North America. Check out the below interview he does to reveal the lateness of the hour. It covers Marshall Law planned and a host of other issues.

Fall of the Republic – Must See Revealing Documentary About the New World Order and the Urgency of the Hour

Rima Laibow & Gen. Stubblebine on Alex Jones Tv 1/8:Big Pharma’s Dangerous Drugs & Vaccines Marshall Law

Hear about the State of the Falling Economy and How It was All Planned and Engineered From a Big Banking Insider Catherine Austin Fitts

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