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As He is, so are we in this World – The Spirit of Justice vs. Limited Liability

In 1 John 4:16-18, the Holy Scriptures tell us, “And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him. Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because […]

501c3 Church Legal Gospel Message – Its Laws and Doctrines and Intangible Religious Benefits

The Apostles Doctrine Compared to the 501c3 Doctrine – Another Gospel

501c3 Legal Gospel Message – Its Laws and Doctrines and

Intangible Religious Benefits

An Ekklesia’s (Church’s) doctrine is based on its laws. The “501c3 Gospel Message” is a separate and […]

Power Without Character

There are those who would say that being, or not being, 501c3 is of little or no consequence. God is still moving in power and saving people and healing people and He is doing it through incorporated 501c3 Ekklesia (Churches).

Yes this is correct God’s power is being shown through many, and in […]

Help To Become a Traditional Christian Ekklesia (Non 501c3 Church)

Get the Resources and Help you need to remove your 501c3 Church from the corporate church and/or 501c3 System or Get Help to start a new church that is not a part of that system. Please Fill out the below request for help with your name, a little about your Assembly, your phone number and […]

501c3 Corporate Church

As with other messengers or prophets of God appointed to bring God’s message like Obadiah, Jonah, Moses, etc, I have been called by the Lord to speak to His people and carry a particular message to the Body of Christ, and in particular God’s people in the United States, North American Continent.

Like those messengers […]

Secret Society Insider Member Calls The 501c3 System Deception “The Devil’s Messiah”

Secret Society Insider Member Calls 501c3 and Related Systems Deception “The Devil’s Messiah”


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Pastor Lindsey Williams says he is in touch with a high ranking insider member of the “New World Order” secret societies and this insider is over eighty, almost died in […]