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The Reluctant Prophet

ichthus 7 trans -7-50-4

As with other messengers or prophets of God appointed to bring God’s message like Obadiah, Jonah, Moses, etc, I have been called by the Lord to speak to His people and carry a particular message to the Body of Christ, and in particular God’s people in the United States, North American Continent.

Like those messengers just mentioned above and others I have been one reluctant to bring the message because of my own weaknesses and frailties and various fears, but God has constrained me to speak His Word no matter what.

The messages that the Lord has given me are those against my personality, being one that envisions himself as easy going and not one that seeks to be in the middle of, or start, controversy.  I have been kind of the nice guy type, not one to seek to start a battle and boldly confront issues.

But despite all of that the Lord has called me to speak messages that will tend to bring all that, so I have avoided speaking.

The Lord has been patient, but has made it plain to me I can avoid speaking not longer. Time is up! God’s people must hear and be given the chance to repent for the Lord’s return is imminent.

I am a born again, spirit filled Christian believer that has learned to hear God’s still small voice by His Spirit that lives and abides in me. 1 John 2:27

The Words that the Lord Gives me I do my best to verify with the more sure word of prophecy, Holy Scripture.

This Site and the book “The Mixture: Body of Christ and Antichrist System – Deciphering the 501c3 Message Appearance of Evil” are for an investigation of, and revealing of, the issues surrounding the mixture of the Ekklesia (Church) and the world with God’s more sure Word of Prophecy, the Holy Bible, being the final authority.


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