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Two or Three Witnesses

The Lord has been giving North America a witness for more than 20 years testifying to His People that incorporating and 501c3 status are not His way. These men and ministries below and others have been sounding the alarm for many years and I would like to give thanks to the Lord for them and […]

Help To Become a Traditional Christian Ekklesia (Non 501c3 Church)

Get the Resources and Help you need to remove your 501c3 Church from the corporate church and/or 501c3 System or Get Help to start a new church that is not a part of that system. Please Fill out the below request for help with your name, a little about your Assembly, your phone number and […]

Full Free Gift Edition

Download the Full version the “The Mixture.” I am requesting a sacrificial gift in an amount of your chosing. A gift of between $7.00, $14.00 and 20.00 dollars would be of great help to help me with the call and ministry the Lord has given me to help bring His People back to being out […]

Be-Aware Resources

When the Lord told me there is no more time I did not know how late the hour was and is.

This “Spiritual Fight and Weapons” section of this site is to help make Christians aware of the spiritual battle that is going on that most Christians do not even know about.

The answer to […]