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Secret Society Insider Member Calls The 501c3 System Deception “The Devil’s Messiah”

Secret Society Insider Member Calls
501c3 and Related Systems Deception
“The Devil’s Messiah”


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Pastor Lindsey Williams says he is in touch with a high ranking insider member of the “New World Order” secret societies and this insider is over eighty, almost died in 2008 and has made a confession to Lindsey about what the leaders secret societies and the One World Order movement are planning for North America.

As part of this revealing of the secret societies plans to dominate and rule the world this insider reveals that the one world order leaders have used the 501c3 system in their plans to take control of North America and they call their system “The Devils Messiah.”

Lindsey says his insider source said the that elite leaders of the secret societies realized that in order to take the United States of America, North America they had to get rid of Americas God and 501c3 was one thing that they used to accomplish this. In other words they had to get the people of God away from following the true God and Jesus Christ and replace God and His Son with a false messiah.

The other two things that he discusses is they had to get God out of the schools and the system of law in our country.

They put God out of the schools by replacing His truths of the Bible with humanism and taking prayer and Bible based teaching out of the schools.

Lyndsey says the insider told him they also had to get the foundations of our law to stop being Bible based, on the Word of God. He says they did this by taking us from a Republic to a Democracy.

What I have leaned from studying the law prior to hearing Lyndsey’s insiders confession is that they took us from a Republic which is based on a fix set of rules to a Democracy which is based on majority (mob) rule, and since the “One World Order” elite can control the mob through media News and Entertainment mob rule is they rule. Since the United States, North American Republic’s fixed set of Laws is based on the Word of God, the Holy Bible, the new world order elite had to get the country away from that fixed set of Laws and slowly, over a few generations, change the laws to being based on the public polices of the Democracy.

Though you and I can see and believe what these secret society insiders say about what has been used in the past like 501c3, School Humanism, Democracy Law, and them being called “The Devil’s Messiah” by the elite I am personally almost always leery of confessions by people in the secret societies about what will happen in the future, wondering if it is part of their plan to tell us their plans to get us looking in the wrong direction from their real goals.

But Lindsey is the one that sat in with these global rulers for years as their minister and/or chaplain on big oil rigs and he is confident that what this insider is telling him now is the truth about future plans of the elite just because this insider has told him other things that people said would and could never happen but the things did happen.

Keep in mind the Lord showed me the problems with 501c3 and told me “There is no more time,” and to warn His people I in June 2009. I checked the original files on my computer and they are dated back in June of 2009 when I started to investigate why the Lord may be telling me that, and to come out of the 501c3 church. I finished the book in late October and was in the proof reading stage when I saw Pastor Lindsey’s message about what this the insider has to say in November on Youtube. So the Lord spoke to me months before pastor Lindsey talked with this man in October of 2009. And listening to what pastor Lindsey’s message is from this insider I can understand more about why the Lord says there is no more time and you will too.

View the below Youtube videos to here what Lindsey has to say about what he has been told about what has been done to the churches.

Also you can look at the fifth Youtube video below. Go to minute 47 and 20 seconds to here about The Devils Messiah for about five minutes.

Interview 501c3 Discussion: Go To Minute 7:30 for Discussion on 501c3 Church Government/Big Business Planned Takeover.



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Go to Minute 47:20 of the following video for info on The Devils Messiah also.

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