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Download the Full version the “The Mixture.” I am requesting a sacrificial gift in an amount of your chosing. A gift of between $7.00, $14.00 and 20.00 dollars would be of great help to help me with the call and ministry the Lord has given me to help bring His People back to being out from under government control. Make sure you request the correct password for you computer, read the next paragraph for the easy instructions.

If you have not already, Please download and open the Small Free Edition first and click on the “Password” button at the top right-hand side and it will Tell you which password number (#) you need to put in the password field for your computer to open the full edition. When you have your password number you need to enter then come back here and Click on the “Give a Gift” link below and request the password number you need along with giving your gift.  Or within the eBook you can click on the “Click Here For Your Password” password page within the “Contents” button pull-down menu at the top of the eBook and click on the “Click Here To Get a Password” link on that password page and it should bring you right to the correct password request page for your computer’s password that is needed.

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If you wish not to give a gift Please email support@desktoprevealer.net with Free Full Version and your Password # needed for your computer in the “Subject” to request a free  full edition password. Please allow up to 3 days (72 hours) or more to receive a response to your request for a Free Full Edition Password, it may take that long to respond depending on the volume of requests, but hopefully not because I won’t have a lot of these request, Hint, Hint. Thank You!

In Christ

Guy Te

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