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Roosevelt Family Pact for Pope

If you remember from “The Mixture” it was Roosevelt’s administration that first introduced the 501c3 designation of the non-profit code.  Could Roosevelt’s preferential treatment towards the Vatican also be where the Catholic influence over Christian faith practices and the term “sacerdotal functions” in the code is granted? Well, it just so happens there is historical evidence that Roosevelt and his family did favor Catholic power, control and/or causes.

There is historical support for the fact that Franklin Roosevelt had strong bonds with the Catholic Church and Vatican and its agents.  These bonds even include his cousins Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and William Taft making a pact to use the United States power and influence to restore the Popes temporal power, or right of the Pope to rule over all world secular governments.  This pact was revealed by insider, and former priest, Jeremiah Crowley who became a non-catholic bible believer, in his book and writings in 1912.

Also Roosevelt owed political favors to a man that is said to be one of the most powerful Catholics in North America, Jesuit trained – Priest and Cardinal Archbishop, Francis Spellman for helping Roosevelt win a presidential election.

The following quotes/texts from websites show the strong bonds between the Roosevelt’s, particularly Franklin Roosevelt and the Catholic Church and Vatican and its agents/priests. This shows why in the 501c3 code there is the Catholic dominance of the Christian practices of faith and the use of the term “sacerdotal functions” which denotes the Catholic practices which is in opposition to the Traditional Christian practices after the doctrines of the apostles and prophets.

Former priest and insider Jeremiah Crowley wrote that President Teddy/Theodore Roosevelt and his  cousin President William Taft made a pact (and later we see another in the family working closely with and helping the Vatican also, namely Franklin Delano Roosevelt) to help the Popes restore their Temporal Power (Right of the Pope to Rule over all World Secular Governments)

By 1901 the Order, via Freemason Theodore “Rex” Roosevelt, would begin to restore the Pope’s Temporal Power around the world using the fearless American Military and high finance of the Rockefellers, the Schiffs and the Morgans. In 1913 these American Vatican Bankers would create the Pope’s Federal Reserve Bank – the biggest bank in the world!]

See: http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showthread.php?t=50209&page=9

OR See for the above quote: http://www.scribd.com/doc/5571158/Barry-Chamish-Pope

Martin: Let’s see here. I can throw away a lot of these questions. So much of it seems, in a way, irrelevant to our current times because there’s so much going on now. But, good grief! I was just stunned to read in your book of all the historical things that have happened as a result of these evil people. You dedicated the book to four Roman Catholics who, I’m sure, no one has ever heard of: Charles Chiniquy, Jeremiah Crowley, Emmett McLaughlin, and Alberto Rivera. Why them?

Phelps: Because those Roman Catholic men were priests; they left the priesthood and told the truth about what was really happening. And all four of them, except one, I think Emmett McLaughlin, paid with their life. Chiniquy was the great exposer of the Jesuit assassination of President Lincoln, when he wrote his masterpiece Fifty Years In The Church Of Rome in 1886. He proves that Lincoln was assassinated by the Jesuits, and that it was covered-up by our government at the time.

Jeremiah Crowley: that priest was a great Irishman who came here and, seeing the corruption of the Archdiocese in Chicago, that it was so corrupt, he left it and exposed it. And, of course, he later came to Christ and became a Bible-believer, which they would call a Protestant. Protestants today don’t believe the Bible. Protestantism of today is an empty shell, it’s nothing. But, back then, in 1912, they believed the Bible.

Crowley, then, exposed many things, and one of the things he exposed, that helped me with this, was that he warned that the Jesuits, with their Knights of Columbus—which, he says, the Knights of Columbus, named after Columbus, who he tells us was a Spanish Jew and a pirate and a deflowerer of young girls—that Columbus was no Christian.

He has a tremendous section in his book on Columbus. That the purpose of the Knights of Columbus was to fulfill Jesuitical politics, and part of those politics was to restore the temporal power of the Pope because, you remember, the Pope had lost that in 1870 and they wanted to get it back. And they got it back with Mussolini in 1929.

Well, in the book that Crowley wrote in 1912, he says that Taft and Teddy Roosevelt were all cow-towing to the Pope and the Cardinals of New York. And he said they’re going to use our military to restore the Pope’s temporal power around the world.

And THAT was absolutely correct. That is American foreign policy. And the Council of Trent is the American foreign policy of today. That’s what’s going on in Serbia and Bosnia. It’s the Council of Trent—the Jesuits using the American Air Force to bomb those orthodox people to smithereens. But, that was Crowley’s great contribution.


Franklin Roosevelt’s party had many Catholics, so this is a reason to keep the Catholic Church leaders happy and give them control and behind the scenes says so as to the wording of the 501c3 code.

In the Book “FDR, the Vatican, and the Roman Catholic Church in America, 1933-1945 By David B. Woolner, Richard G. Kurial” we can see the serious ties that Franklin Roosevelt had with the Catholic Church and the Vatican and Pope.


One of the most powerful Catholic Priest was an Agent and Supporter of Franklin Roosevelt even helping him win an election:

Auxiliary Bishop of Boston

On July 30, 1932, Spellman was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Boston and Titular Bishop of Sila by Pius XI.[8] He had originally been considered for the bishoprics of Portland and Manchester.[1] He received his episcopal consecration on the following September 8 from Cardinal Pacelli (whose old vestments Spellman himself wore[3]), with Archbishops Giuseppe Pizzardo and Borgongini Duca serving as co-consecrators, at St. Peter’s Basilica. His was the first consecration of an American bishop ever to be held at St. Peter’s.[7] He was given as his episcopal motto: Sequere Deum, meaning, “Follow God.”[9]

After his return to the United States, Spellman resided at St. John’s Seminary in Brighton. He was later made pastor of Sacred Heart Church in Newton Center; he erased the church’s $43,000 debt through different fundraising activities and the help of his many rich connections.[1] When his mother died in 1935, her funeral was attended by Governor James Curley, Lieutenant Governor Joseph Hurley, and many clergy, except for Cardinal O’Connell.[1]

As late as June 1936, polls gave President Roosevelt at best a 50 percent chance of reelection, due largely to the nightly, national radio attacks by Father Coughlin of Detroit. Spellman arranged with Joseph Kennedy to finance a visit by Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pacelli. Spellman and Pacelli visited each major Catholic population center. Cardinal Pacelli gagged Father Coughlin. The result of their efforts was the “landslide vote” for Roosevelt in November 1936. Rose Kennedy bluntly asked Roosevelt for Joe’s appointment as ambassador to England’s Court of St. James’s. Pacelli requested a full American ambassador to the Vatican, but the best Roosevelt could do was a “personal envoy”. Spellman, by this political maneuver, prevailed over the man who prevented him from becoming a U.S. Navy chaplain in 1917.


Franklin Roosevelt, President of the United States, also carried out Rome’s wishes.

[Cardinal] Spellman was offered an unprecedented opportunity by Roosevelt that would necessitate leaving his archdiocese for months on end.… The astounding proposal Roosevelt put forth was that Spellman act as a clandestine agent for him in the four corners of the world. It would be the archbishop’s job to contact chiefs of state in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Africa. He would carry messages for the President … and act as Roosevelt’s eyes and ears.… The President offered him an opportunity to wield more power than any other American religious figure had ever had. Spellman would move as an equal among the greatest figures on the world political stage… But few people were certain about what the archbishop did during his far-flung travels. His clandestine work raised questions at home about the role of a religious figure involved deeply in governmental affairs. — John Cooney, The American Pope, Times Books, pp. 124, 125.

Spellman’s first allegiance was to Pope Pius XII, and yet, he was used by Franklin Roosevelt as his own personal agent.

Of Roosevelt, we read again,

Roosevelt and Eisenhower approved of the forced repatriation of some six million [Orthodox Christian] people back to Russia, many of whom were tortured or killed after they reached their destination. Two Russians who have written about this abominable decision by these American leaders are Nikolai Tolstoy and Alexander Solzhenitsyn. The Americans called this repatriation ‘Operation Keelhaul,’ after the naval form of torture where the prisoner is hauled under the keel of a ship by a rope tied to the prisoner’s body to be severely cut by the barnacles on the bottom of the ship.

These six million individuals were not only soldiers who had fought on the side of the Germans against the Russians, but they were women and children as well….

Even though it was Churchill and Roosevelt who made the incredible decision to send millions of anti-Communist Russians back to certain death, it was General Dwight Eisenhower who enforced ‘Operation Keelhaul,’ with no apparent pangs of conscience. — Ralph Epperson, The Unseen Hand, Publius Press, p. 301.

Roosevelt not only used Spellman as his agent, but he carried out the Jesuits’ goal of annihilating as many Orthodox Christians as possible. The Jesuits sought to destroy the Orthodox Christians of Serbia in World War One, and with this repatriation at the end of World War Two, they destroyed many more millions of Russian Orthodox Christians. Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Churchill carried out the Jesuits bloody plan with considerable success.

Jesuit General, Count Halke von Ledochowski, was disposed to organize, on the common basis of anti-communism, a certain degree of collaboration between the German Secret Service and the Jesuit Order…

Von Ledochowski considered the forthcoming bellicose settling of accounts between Russia and Germany as inevitable… And the Baseler Nachrichten (March 27, 1942) did not hesitate to write: “One of the questions arising from German activity in Russia which is of supreme importance to the Vatican, is the question of the evangelization of Russia.”

This is confirmed by Father Duclos himself in a book covered by the Imprimatur, “During the summer of 1941, Hitler appealed to all Christian forces… [he] authorized Catholic missionaries to go to the new eastern territories….

“Nor has it been forgotten that, in France, Cardinal Baudrillart and Mgr. Mayol de Luppe recruited the L.V.F. for the crusade against Russia.” — Edmond Paris, The Vatican Against Europe, The Wickliffe Press, pp. 240, 241.

While the Orthodox Christians of Russia were being exterminated by the papacy, there was a similar massacre going on in Yugoslavia. Some of the many books that have been written about this atrocity of World War Two include Convert… or Die! by Edmond Paris, The Vatican’s Holocaust by Avro Manhattan, and Ravening Wolves by Monica Farrell. These books all discuss the murder of around one million Orthodox Christians during World War Two by the Catholic Ustashi. On the cover of Farrell’s book, we read,

This is the record of torture and murder committed in Europe in 1941-1943 by an army of Catholic Actionists known as the Ustashi, led by monks and priests, and even participated in by nuns. The victims suffered and died in the cause of liberty and freedom of conscience. The least we can do is to read the record of their sufferings and keep in mind that it happened, not in the dark ages, but in our own ENLIGHTENED generation. Ustashi is another name for Catholic Action. — Monica Farrell, Ravening Wolves, Protestant Publications, cover.

The mass expulsion or forced conversion of the Orthodox Christians to Roman Catholicism was on the agenda. All measures, aiming at the elimination of Serbdom in Croatia were carried out under the slogan enunciated by one of the Croatian ministers: “We shall massacre the first third of the Serbs, expel the second third from the country and force the final third to accept the Catholic faith, whereby they will be absorbed by the Catholic element.” — Lazo M. Kostich, Holocaust in the Independent State of Croatia, Liberty, p. 18.

The papacy was still trying to exterminate Orthodox Christians in Serbia in the late 1990s. The papacy used the United States as their bully in that conflict to bomb Serbia. The real butcher of the ‘Balkins’ is the pope and the Catholic Church, not Slobodan Milosevic. They are trying the wrong person for war crimes.

Another Jesuit goal of World War Two was to make things so bad for the Jewish race that they would want to return to Palestine. Near the end of World War One, the Balfour Declaration was signed enabling the Jews to go back home to Palestine. This was to be their permanent home. However, many Jews had found success in various parts of the world and did not want to return. When World War Two and the Jewish Holocaust occurred, the persecuted Jews longed for a place to call home, and many returned to Palestine. In 1948, Israel was declared to be a sovereign nation. According to Cooney’s book, The American Pope, page 187, Francis Spellman had been the deciding factor in getting Israel accepted as a sovereign state.

Why would the Jesuits use Hitler to annihilate the Jews, and then have Jesuit Cardinal Francis Spellman provide a home in Palestine for them? Watch carefully. The Vatican has sought to destroy the Jews for a thousand years.

… behind the Zionist banner there was to be found the ancient Messianic hope for the coming of a global theocracy, as predicted by all the seers and prophets of Zion. It was to be a theocracy in which Jehovah, not Christ, was to be King.

The spectre of the creation of such a theocracy has haunted the inner chambers of the Catholic church from her earliest inception, and still is a dominant fear.

In Vatican eyes, therefore, the millenarian yearning for a global Hebrew theocracy, represents a deadly threat to the eschatological teachings of the Catholic church. When translated into concrete political terms, such a view spells not only rivalry, but implacable enmity. — Avro Manhattan, The Vatican Moscow Washington Alliance, Ozark Books, pp. 169, 170.

Reprinted From the following book site – THE SECRET TERRORISTS – Chapter 7 – World War Two – For the full chapter please visit:


In fact there is a lot of good stuff on the site, so visit their home page here and take a look around:     http://www.pacinst.com/

You may ask why Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and William Taft (Taft is also said to be related to the Roosevelt’s as a cousin, and Yes ! he is a mason) would make a pact and Franklin also feel strong ties to the Pope and Catholic Church? Researchers have found that the order of freemasonry is the protestant arm of the Catholic Jesuit order, and under the direction of the Jesuits.

Freemasonry – Protestant Arm of the Jesuits

November 11, 2009 by James Houx

“The truth is, the Jesuits of Rome have perfected Freemasonry to be their most magnificent and effective tool, accomplishing their purposes among Protestants…”
The Grand Design Exposed, John Daniel, (Middleton, Idaho: CHJ Publishing, 1999), p. 302.


This is another very good reason for Franklin Roosevelt giving someone control over the 501c3 code that favors Catholic practices; since the code is intended to bring churches and businesses under government control (See “The Mixture:” Section 2 – “Governmental Public Policy,” and “The Intent of the 501c3 Corporate Status Revealed”) the churches would ultimately be under the Catholic Pope’s control, the goal of the Jesuits.

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