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Two or Three Witnesses

The Lord has been giving North America a witness for more than 20 years testifying to His People that incorporating and 501c3 status are not His way.   These men and ministries below and others have been sounding the alarm for many years and I would like to give thanks to the Lord for them and many others who deserve appreciation for their service to the Lord in this area.


Dr Greg Dixon pastor of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple. His book “The Trail of Blood Revisited” was a valuable resource in my research in to this matter of church incorporation and 501c3 issues, especially with regard to historical background and specific cases and the real effect it has had on the churches. You should get and read his book at http://www.unregisteredbaptistfellowship.com/ You can view a video of His below and click on the video to see the rest of the video series on Youtube.com


Dr. John R. Wright, and Dr. Ben Townsend through their ministry http://www.lordshipchurch.com have been bringing this message to the Ekklesia (Churches) for over two decades I found their ministry in the final stages of writing “The Mixture” book while searching for videos for the eBook. You can view John Robin speaking on this subject below.

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Google Direkt — Government Takeover of the Church


Peter Kershaw through his ministry  http://hushmoney.org has been speaking on this and warning the church for many years. His video is filled with valuable information. View it below.  The volume is very low in the beginning and then it jumps up to a normal level, so you may have to turn your volume up all the way for the first several minutes, then the volume will jump up so you will have to turn your volume down.

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Google Direkt— Does the Government Control Our Churches?

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